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How To Remove Patchy Spray-Tan In One Shower!

Do you need to take multiple showers scrubbing away, just to get your old Spray Tan Off?

in this Blog Post ill show you how to get rid of it all, in just one shower ! keep reading...

So it's actually really simple, and not only will you get rid of all your patchy spray tan in one go, your skin will be soo... smooth!

STEP 1: Before your shower or Bath you want to coat your whole body with the 'BONDI SANDS Self Tan Eraser' - you can get it here OR most grocery stores and pharmacies.

you can use a tanning mitt or your hands to apply this, it doesn't really matter. I usually leave it on for about 15-20 minutes just to make sure it really penetrates the old Spray Tan, so its easier for me to remove the tan later in my shower. So go ahead and read a book or watch youtube videos, whatever you like just to kill some time.

STEP 2: Now in your shower you want to have your exfoliating gloves ready as well as a coffee scrub, a cheap and effective one I like is the 'BYRON BODY Coffee Scrub' -

grab some on your exfoliating gloves (or exfoliating mitt) and start to scrub away, its super effective in removing that unwanted spray tan. If you are planning on spray tanning again right after removing your old spray tan with this scrub, make sure to wash your body after with an oil-free body wash because usually coffee scrubs have oils in them.

Oil creates a barrier between your skin and spray tan solution and could ruin the new spray tan. one I always recommend is the 'PALMOLIVE Milk & Honey Shower Milk' get it here -

There is also another product which is pretty awesome, it also removes tan amazingly well! but only can be bought online, which is why I recommended the first two products. Its the 'LOOFAU Body Scrub' Get It Here -

thanks for reading #glowbabes let me know down below how you like to remove your old patchy spray tan :)

I hope you found this helpful and informative.

any questions? comment below, email or text me - 0434 706 087

This Blog Post is not sponsored.

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