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How To Prepare For Spray Tan

Hey Guys!

For my first Blog post, I wanted to show all my clients or future clients EXACTLY how to prepare for their Angel Glow Spray Tan :)

STEP 1. STAY HYDRATED! drink lots of water before & after Spray Tanning (as you always should) having dehydrated skin means your skin is dry, and dry skin and a spray tan are not a very good combo. so 8-9 cups of water a day will ensure your spray tan will go on nicer, and make it last much longer :)

STEP 2. Starting in the shower, or bath. you will first begin with either an exfoliating mitt or exfoliating gloves. They can be bought at any pharmacy or grocery store -

you want to exfoliate your body with a body wash that is free from any oils (oil on the surface of your skin may create a barrier between the Spray Tan solution and your skin, and could result in a patchy Spray tan). unfortunately, I still haven't found a vegan body wash without oils yet, so if you know of one, please comment it down below. The one I am currently using is 'Palmolive Milk & Honey Shower Milk' -

STEP 3. Remove your unwanted hair. you can now go ahead and shave after exfoliation, but if you need to wax please do so 24 hours before the spray tan.

STEP 4. Wash your body again with your loofa or hands with 'Palmolive Milk & Honey Shower Milk' to remove any residue from your shavers moisturizer band, because this also may contain oil in it.

STEP 5. Come out of the shower and do NOT apply any moisturizer, oil or deodorant on your body, this also can create a barrier between your skin and the Spray Tan solution.

That's it! now you can wait for me to come and give you a natural flawless tan that will get heads turning every time ;)

I hope you found this helpful and informative.

any questions? comment below, email or text me - 0434 706 087

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