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How to make your Spray Tan POP!

If you've gone to the effort of Spray Tanning, you might be interested in these simple tips and tricks on how to make your Spray Tan Stand out as much as possible ! Keep Reading..

When you get a Gorgeous 'Angel Glow' Spray Tan, you'll be feeling so good that you'll wanna show it off to it fullest potential. This is how..

TIP 1: Wear White! I know its pretty obvious lol.. but it just makes your spray tan look so amazing, the contrast between your dark bronzed skin and white clothes can actually make you look 2x more tanned than you actually are.

TIP 2: Wear Pastel Colours ! pastel colours make you look sooo tanned, its pretty amazing. Try soft Pastel colours to make it more wearable. For example soft pastel pinks, greens, and blues etc. You'll feel amazing!

TIP 3: Paint your nails soft Pastel colours as well! light colours like white, soft pastels, and baby pink are perfect, they make your hands look darker. My personal favourite is coral, especially in summer time.

TIP 4: Wearing Silver jewellery will definitely make you look darker, but my personal favourite when I spray tan is to wear Gold, it is soo.. flattering on Tan skin. I think it is because of the warm undertones in the tanned skin which make wearing gold jewellery so attractive. Everything just looks so cohesive if that makes sense.

TIP 5: Use a Body Oil! any kind of oil that doesn't make you feel sticky will do the trick ! not only will you be hydrating your skin but you'll be glowing! and that will make your spray tan stand out, and it looks super sexy ! what I like to do is spot oil on the parts of my body that I would like to stand out, that way I'm not covered in oil before I get dressed. I like RoseHip Oil, I drop some on my shoulders, décolletage, legs, and whatever part of my skin I'm showing that day.

There you have it! very simple ways on how to make your gorgeous spray tan stand out :) got any tips? leave them down below! xo

I hope you found this helpful and informative.

any questions? comment below, email or text me - 0434 706 087

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