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My Glow 2 Fake Tan Removal Glove

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An ancient tool with a modern purpose.
Derived from the Ancient Turkish Ritual, Hammam the My Glow 2 fake tan exfoliator is made from finely woven plant silk.

The unique weave of the fabric effectively removes stubborn fake tan and dead skin whilst preventing ingrown hairs, preventing body breakouts and improving circulation. *Handmade in Turkey


- Deeply exfoliates the skin
- Purifies and brightens complexion
- Helps fights against acne, blackheads and breakouts
- Aims to reduce appearance of pigmentation and enlarged pores
- Naturally and easily removes fake tan
- Aims to reduce appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and scarring
- Helps improve the texture and feel of skin
- Aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
- Helps promote collagen and elastin production
- Helps oxygenate cells and promote healthy blood flow leaving body re-energised and invigorated
- Frees and prevents ingrown hairs
- Assists to eliminate toxins through the skin
- Aims to increases self love and confidence.
- 100% natural. No nasties.


allow body to soak in hot/warm water for 5-10 min (in shower or bath) wet your 'My Glow 2 Fake Tan Removal Glove' then move yourself away from water. Scrub your body gently in up and down motions until some frictions starts to happen. you will then start to see your fake tan and dead skin come off as you scrub. You can also use this glove even when you dont have fake tan on, to remove dead skin and improve circulation.

Thoroughly rinse the glove with hot water using only natural soap to clean the glove. Place and store glove in a clean dry place to air and dry out. Do not store in the cardboard cylinder. Do not machine wash. Replace every 8-10 weeks


  • Made from plant silk viscose
  • Vegan
  • Hand wash only with hot water.
  • Glove will shrink after first wash.
  • Handmade in Turkey.
  • Packaged in Australia.
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