'Angel Glow Mobile Spray Tanning' was born from the idea of bringing value and comfort for the busy, yet glamorous women who wanted the benefits of a beautiful all natural spray tan, yet didn't have the time to go out to a salon to get bronzed.

The convenience and the quality of products we use together have created a service many women cant resist.


Safa Abouradi, the founder of 'Angel Glow' had the comfort and quality in mind first. Giving an experience she herself as a tan addict would want, and expect. Our spray tanning specialist has had training with one of the best in the industry and has gone to Brisbane to complete that training with Jasmine (founder of @bellabronzetans) and has brought her knowledge back to Sydney to give our clients exactly what they want. A natural, sexy and flawless tan every time.


Safa is passionate about giving every woman a confidence boost like never before, we are all dedicated to keeping our clients happy, and comfortable, so if there are any questions you would like to ask Safa, please do not hesitate to email - safa.abouradi@outlook.com or simply text - 0426 762 686. We love our clients, we sincerely thank them all for their support, this website, and community is for you guys.


- With Love

Angel Glow Team